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No Lives Matter

Official Selection, 15 Second Horror Film Challenge

Official Selection of the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge (15 Second Cut)

"Short but sweet zombie film treasure!" - Jennifer Bonges, PopHorror.com

"Great eighties sounding synth soundtrack and editing" - Daniel Simmonds, The Rotting Zombie

Article from GrueMonkey on No Lives Matter

'No Lives Matter' is a short horror/comedy zombie film in which a small group of humans accidentally stumble across a unique way to escape an incoming zombie attack.

Written, filmed and directed by MIKAL for DARKLY Films (Evil Twin of MIKAL Films).

Starring: Marco Bonasera, Joshua Johnson, Makala Klinkenberger, Paul Klinkenberger, Gerald Moore, Lauren Reed-Gibson, Lynisha Simon, Aila June Lemond, Jill Kathryn Lemond.

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