The Phantasm Holiday Special Trailer

A Tribute to Phantasm and Parody of the Star Wars Holiday Special

The Phantasm Holiday Special Trailer is both a tribute to the Phantasm franchise and a parody of the Star Wars Holiday Special (1977). All footage belongs to Phantasm and writer/director Don Coscarelli.

Concept, editing, lettering, and music by MIKAL.

Easter egg: Pay attention to the music and you might notice that it's a Christmas-style adaptation of the original Phantasm theme.


"It's as awesome as you imagine." - Dread Central

"A gem we just discovered" - Horror Freak News

"It might be the best Christmas special ever." - Popcorn Horror

"Amazing" - DeathRock PA

"Killer faux-trailer for an imaginary PHANTASM Christmas special" - Arrow in the Head /

"Awesome fan-made trailer" -

"The holidays always bring out the best in horror fans and The Phantasm Holiday Special is no exception!" - Pop Horror

"As we get closer and closer to Christmas, horror fans everywhere grow joyous in the holiday spirit - Like any warm blooded person - And as such, have begun to celebrate the season in their own uniquely gruesome way. Here's an example - Straight out of the passionate community of Phantasm fans." - 13th Floor

"Amazing" - Dread Central

"Silver Balls Are Slaying" (Sleighing! - Editor) - Horror Freak News

"This has made me want to watch the Phantasm series again" - The Rotting Zombie